1st Morningside Scout Group In Sandton

Located at the Scout Hall in Ernest Ullmann Recreation Park at 50 Alma Road, Gallo Manor, the 1st Morningside Scout Group
meets on Friday evenings

Get In Touch

Send an email to info@1stmorningside.co.za

Pop In & Chat

Drive up to our Scout Hall on a Friday & accost an adult

Meeting Times

< 11YO Fridays from 17h30
> 11YO Fridays from 19h00

Email Us

Send an email to info@1stmorningside.co.za

What We Do

We turn young kids into highly capable adults

Meet The Team

Meet the team of adults that manage our Scout Group


High Level Information About The 1st Morningside Scout Group


We use Scouts.Digital to manage our Group

Meeting Times

Cubs on Friday's from 17h30
Scouts on Friday's from 19h00

Geared For Kids

Scouting is run by Scouts, for Scouts. Adults are optional.

Bright Sparks

We have lots of these. Most of our team are Bright Sparks.

Tech @ Scouts

Cubs & Scouts are encouraged to leave their tech at home


Cubs & Scouts learn practical things. Like how to light a fire.

Our Accomplishments

Executing a 4 year strategy, the 1st Morningside team climbed the Kontiki ladder to finish 1st Overall in 2016.

Gauteng Kontiki 2013


Gauteng Kontiki 2014


Gauteng Kontiki 2015


Gauteng Kontiki 2016


Gauteng Kontiki 2017


Why Join Our Scout Group?

Multiple Kontiki Wins

With first places in Camp Site and 1st Place Overall, 1st Morningside is recognised as the best Scout Group in Gauteng for 2016 / 2017

We run a well managed, well thought through and seriously supported Springbok program that allows our young adults the freedom to focus on getting the highest scout award. We've awarded 1 Springbok Scout in 2016 and expect 2 more in 2017.
The cub equivalent of a Scout Springbok Badge is the Leaping Wolf badge. All 10 year old cubs are encouraged to take the Leaping Wolf challenge as this is the only cub badge you can wear as a Scout. This is a challenge for our 10 year old Cubs, but with a little dedication, it's easy.

Both our Cub Pack and Scout Troop are gender mixed. Our Group has both boy and girl Cubs as well as boy and girl Scouts.

Cubs are aged 7 to 11 with Scouts from 11 to 18 years old.

We do not run a Rover Crew and have no plans for a Rover Crew in the future.

Our Parents Committee

Without assistance from our Parents, in a managerial role, our Scout Group would not be where we are today. They provide Financial, Quartermaster, Communication, Transport and Secretarial services to the group

Sandton District

With several other Scout Groups, 1st Morningside is part of the Sandton District, in the Gauteng Region.

Other Groups in this District are:
1st Rivertrail, 1st Bryanston, 1st Peter Place, 1st Fourways, 1st Parkmore & 1st Midrand

We are about to embark on a long awaited Scout hall renovation. Our hall was built in the 60's as a cow feeding shed and is in serious need of some attention. We are planning internal dens, a dedicated Cub Room, some office space and a brand new kitchen amongst many others.

With changing our stores, to external shipping containers, we are hoping to cover and pave (or tar) the area directly in front of the hall, allowing us much more freedom when it comes to running multiple advancements in programs.

The Scouting Way uses appealing games (often outdoors) to generate challenges which a Scout learns to solve by themselves. Through the training and the example of the leader, Scouts are taught independence, leadership, the ambition to learn by themselves, and a moral code with positive goals. According to founder Robert Baden-Powell, the Scout method works naturally and unconsciously: naturally in the way that it follows the natural impulses of the Scout, and unconsciously because the Scout is not aware of the education.

Scouting is a worldwide movement that has shaped the development of youth and adults for more than 100 years. Scouts are in every part of our community, and Scouts is the biggest and most successful youth organisation in South Africa. More than 300 000 boys, girls, and adults in South Africa from wide cultural or religious backgrounds or with an intellectual or physical disability enjoy an almost unlimited range of activities. With an estimated 40 Million Scouts worldwide, the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of Scouting is growing rapidly. Thanks Bear!


I'm seriously impressed with 1st Morningside's Kontiki win in 2016

John Gaydon Sandton District Commissioner