1st Morningside Uses Scouts.Digital For Scout Group Management

Scouts.Digital is an online, Scout Group Management system with off-the-chart functionality


We use Scouts.Digital to manage our Group. This provides our Adult Leaders the ability to concentrate on managing their tasks and not the admin involved. Scouts love it too.

Available Everywhere

Scouts.Digital is a web service, so it's available wherever you have an internet connection. On your PC, your phone, your tablet or Smart TV, you can take Scouts.Digital with you wherever you are.

Parents Logins

Parents can login to Scouts.Digital and see how their Cubs or Scouts are doing and where they can assist. Parents can upload pictures or documents to each of their Scouts Advancement tasks.

Cub Management

Scouts.Digital manages Cub Advancements, Cub Badges, Star Pack Awards, Automated District Reports, Reporting and Automated Census amongst many other items.

Scout Management

Scouts.Digital manages Scout Advancements, Scout Badges, Star Patrol / Troop Awards, Automated District Reports and Automated Census amongst many other items.


Scouts.Digital provides comprehensive reporting as well as information needed in order to manage our Cub Pack & Scout Troop effectively.