Getting Involved As An Adult At 1st Morningside

Located at the Scout Hall in Ernest Ullmann Recreation Park at 50 Alma Road, Gallo Manor, the 1st Morningside Scout Group
meets on Friday evenings

Putting On A Uniform

This is only for the really brave at heart. We'll send you on some training and make you take the Scout Promise. We'll also expect you to be involved most Friday's as well as a couple of weekends a year.

If you would like to join the Brotherhood (or Sisterhood) of Scouts as an Adult Leader, please send an email to our Scout Group Leader on

You do not have to have been a cub or scout to be an Adult Leader

Cub Parent Helper

These are, typically, Parents who have Cubs at our Group. No promises necessary & you can choose what you would like to do.

From helping out with Badges or making hotdogs on a Friday, to helping our "Akela" run a program or two a term, being a Cub Parent Helper is probabaly the easiest way to start getting involved as an Adult.

Scout Parent Helper

These are, typically, Parents who have Scouts at our Group. No promises necessary & you get to re-live your youth and do some really cool things.

We often need some assistance with Badge work that needs specific skills like First Aid, Geology, Engineer, etc. You can also choose to simply be involved in a Camp or Hike or assist in running a wide game or part of a program. If you have some other skills (like snake wrangling or survival camping), we would love to hear from you.

Parents Committee

Our Parents Committee are the glue that binds our Group together and are elected on an Annual basis (at our AGM). If you would like to be involved, please chat to one of the Adult Leaders (The adults in uniform) on a Friday

What We Do

We turn young kids into highly capable adults

Meet The Team

Meet the team of adults that manage our Scout Group